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Dude, you're amazing.

I've seen you're movies for years now and all I've got to say is this one takes the cake. Although not as upbeat or as long as the last song, the animation was truly astonishing. What frame rate do you use? Lastly, I'd like to say I'd hope this one cartoon is only the beginning of a new age of your style. Keep on rocking.


I'm a little disappointed that the wait was long but the movie itself was short. I've been a fan of DA for like 3 years now and to be honest, I thought this canon specifically was going to be over after the last episode but I'm pleased to find its not! Keep on rocking!

I've missed you!

I've watched this series from start to finish. Finally the new one is out! I'm noticing this one is more chill and relaxed compared to the others, but the ending is drawing me even closer to the series. Hope part 2 does its part well and keeps up with the bunny slaying! Btw, their eyes when they finally die/are unconscious are sooo cute! X3 Too bad their dead though.

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I like were it was going

But the second level seems to be a black screen looping the song.

won't start

on google chrome it loads but after that it's just a black screen.

Reminds me of life

The thing that I like about this game is that it reminds me that I always have to think about my actions before doing them. This game had me thinking for a while before I could proceed to the next phase. Overall, I'm pretty much in love with this game ^_^

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Not as good as the original, but it still kicks ass.

Kick ass

I can see why this has a perfect 5.

Pretty good...

Its alright. Nothing's really that bad.

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What's going on

I have no idea what's happening.

Better than the orginal

This is alot better than the orginal piece of shit Chris-chan calls orginal but meh... It's still kind of wierd looking. But hey that's only my opnion.

sucho responds:

i was working with a sonic/pokemon crossover. is greatness really to be expected?


Oh wow!

I was suprised when I saw the mugshot on the front page. I was think "How the hell did this shit get front page?!" but now I see why. Good job man.

So I heard you leik fish sticks...

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